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Acute Electricity Crisis

Muzaffarabad, February 03, 2015: Angry protests over acute electricity crisis, Muzaffarabad comes to a halt. Amid pitch darkness and no electricity, markets are shut, offices locked. Students, common people, residents of Muzaffarabad take to streets every evening like this, tired of load shedding for up to 20 hours every day, these people are angry and agitated. Water and power development authority or WAPDA is solely responsible for the acute power crisis in PoK. WAPDA is diverting PoK's share of electricity to Pakistani towns and cities. As a result, education, business and people from all walks of life, mostly the poor are the worst affected. It is not the first time that people have shut down their businesses and come out to protest against government's arbitrary diversion of electricity. Many times in the past the protests have turned violent. Despite resistance from public, Mangla Dam was raised to divert PoK's natural resources to Pakistan. Whenever opposition intensifies, Pakistan sends them inflated bills. No one is listening to the cries of common people of PoK. The international community should intervene and stop this open loot of natural resources by Pakistan. Feb 3, 2015