Pakistan couple's low-key marriage wins hearts
Pakistan couple's low-key marriage wins heartsTwitter/RizwanPehelwan

The year 2018 has probably seen some of the most extravagant weddings, especially with the lavish guest list at Isha Ambani's reception and Priyanka Chopra's eye-popping veil during her marriage to Nick Jonas.

While these nuptials definitely made news, with everyone speaking of how grand they were and some calling the lavishness quite unnecessary, one wedding that is clearly topping the favourites list is that of a Pakistani couple who tied the knot on a budget of just Rs 20,000, which is about Rs 10,000 in terms of Indian currency. Yes, that happened!

A man from Karachi in Pakistan and his wife tied the knot on December 23, in the presence of just 25 guests on their terrace. Calling it "apni marzi ki shaadi," Rizwan, a photographer by profession, even made a thread about it on Twitter.

He explained that he wanted his wedding to be a low-key and intimate affair, with only those people who were close to the couple. And the party was exactly that — simple and intimate with love and great food.

"Guys shaadi season hai so here's my wedding story in a thread so you guys know that having apni marzi ki shaadi is possible," Rizwan tweeted. "My guest list had 25 names: friends and parents. The venue was my terrace. The menu was chicken tikka, seekh kabab, pathooray chanay halwa strawberries."

The groom went on to add that his budget was Rs 20,000 and it was perfect. "A friend lent his cooks, I bought the chicken and masalay from that money and helped prepare it all. Wife cooked khattay alu as a starter. Dad bought fairy lights n put them up on the terrace."

Speaking of the arrangement, Rizwan said that he borrowed 25 chairs from the election committee n the neighbourhood and friends brought the tables for the food. There was no extravagance when it came to the venue and decor, and in a heartwarming surprise, there were no designer outfits either.

"My wife and I wore plain blue shalwar kameez (mom n sis paid for this as a gift). We all ate and talked till midnight when wapda cut us off. The whole shaadi then moved to Manji Munch DHA and then bas. Khush! Done!," he tweeted.

The groom then explained that he wasn't saying that everyone should have this kind of wedding, but all that mattered was that wedding should be a happy affair. "What I'm trying to say is. IT'S. OKAY. Sukoon karo. Do whatever you want ofc and whatever you can afford. But HAVE FUN. Be happy. Big or small, all weddings should just be HAPPY. Khush raho sab. Bye," he concluded.

The thread has now won hearts on Twitter and numerous users have been raving about how the whole wedding was planned and executed. Users have also labelled it as the "sweetest and cutest" wedding ever. All we can say is that theirs was surely a wedding to remember and hope they experience a lifetime of bliss.

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