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As most of the mainstream political parties keep a studied silence on the plight of the students of Fatima Medical College who were left high and dry after the Medical Council of India (MCI) rejected their admissions, Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan has extended his support to them. He has requested Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu to standby the students and urged the Centre to take note.

Fatima Institute of Medical Sciences, which is run by the Mohammadiya Educational Society, had given admission to 100 students for the academic year 2015-16 without getting recognition from the Medical Council of India (MCI). Subsequently, the MCI rejected their admissions after the completion of their first year. The society moved the Hyderabad High Court, which upheld the MCI action and directed it to refund the fee collected from the students.

Later, the students and their parents moved the Supreme Court and cited that when similar situation arose in other states, the respective state governments had accommodated students in other colleges. They requested the court to follow the same in Fatima Instute case. Following this, the court directed the AP government to allow the students to continue their studies in other medical colleges.

Minister for Health and Medical Education Kamineni Srinivas held a meeting with the parents of students at Secretariat on December 14. He made it clear that the students had no option but to attend NEET examination next year. At the end of the day, the fraud played by the management has put the students' life at stake.

While most of the political leaders are keeping mum on the issue, Pawan Kalyan has come forward to fight for the students of Fatima Medical College. In series of tweets, the Jana Sena Party chief condemned that state and union government for their negligence. Here is his series of Twitter comments.

As Napoleon once quoted, "Every hour of lost time is a chance of future misfortune." But what..if that misfortune was intentionally brought into the lives of scores of the students of "Fathima Medical College" by their irresponsible, greedy & reckless management. And the painful pleas of brilliant students (who had passed tough entrance exams with flying colours) to state and central administration went unheeded for quite a long time.

In any other developed country the same wrong doing of "Fathima Medical College management" would have attracted severe penalties, which could have been including: prison sentences apart from losing their license to run their colleges and hefty compensations. But being our country The law works quiet efficiently on the meek and powerless and the same law works very inefficiently on the real wrong doers and lawbreakers.

If the elected Governments & administration which has to oversee this whole educational procedures and safeguard the students future had conveniently overlooked this issue either intentionally or of being busy in preparation for next elections. Only god knows.

So I earnestly request the Hon. CM of AP Sri CBN Garu to standby by Fatima medical college students who had already paid a hefty price in terms of money&valuable academic time which they had already lost And kindly give a solace to the hardworking parents who had paid hefty fees to the college management from their lifetime toil of sweat & blood.But due to management's seemingly intentional wrong doing ,innocent students shouldn't suffer.

Please Sir, I request you to stand by them & give them speedy justice.