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Book Review: 'Megastar Kasab - Hits and Misses: The Story of a Pakistani Actor in Bollywood' by Salil Jose

'Megastar Kasab - Hits and Misses: The Story of a Pakistani Actor in Bollywood' brings to fore an aspiring actor's fiery ambitions in the dark underbelly of India's film industry. Salil Jose, who tries to induce irony by naming his protagonist after a famed terrorist and lacing in his mind the chronically conflicting relations between the two neighbouring countries, hasn't hit quite a home run in his debut novel. Sep 4, 2013

Does Delhi Gang Rape Victim Deserve the Posthumous US Courage Award?

The 23-year-old Indian woman, whose barbaric gang rape and subsequent death at the hands of her perpetrators heralded calls for greater safety and security for womenfolk in the country, will be posthumously awarded the Bravery award by the US administration on 8 March. Nevertheless, many have questioned if her demise called for individual merit considering that she, like countless other oppressed women, had no choice but yield into the cruelty inflicted upon her. Mar 7, 2013