How to make butter cookies

Some call it cookies. Some call it biscuits. And some, call it sweet buns like the Scottish do. Cookies have evolved quiet a bit since the mayflower days. But few things can be as luring as the flavour of sweet smelling cookies baked with butter and love. Classic butter cookies can never be out of vogue. Here are directions for a simple cookie that can be used in a cookie press, as a drop cookie or made into a roll and sliced. Facebook - May 27, 2014

Foods to eat when you are high

You always should know your limit on consuming alcohol. But, there are times you might end up being high with it. If you do so, this episode of dieting right we help you know, what to eat when you are high. Facebook : Twitter : YouTube : A Ventuno Production May 27, 2014

Barbie's favorite cocktail

Barbie's favorite cocktail Ingredients Vodka - 60 ml Fresh Strawberry - 6 nos Strawberry puree - 45 ml Sugar - 2 tsp Cranberry juice - 10 ml Lime wedges Method: 1. In a shaker add Strawberry, sugar & muddle it. Add crushed ice, Vodka, Strawberry puree, squeeze of lime, Cranberry juice, now add this mixture in a blender & blend it. Its an frozen drink. 2. Rim the Martini glass with sugar & add frozen mixture. Garnish it with strawberry. Follow us on TWITTER - Subscribe to YouTube - Like us on FACEBOOK - A Ventuno Production : May 26, 2014

Moirangi twist mocktail

Moirangi twist Ingredients: Lime juice - 15 ml Cassis syrup - 30 ml Passion fruit syrup - 30 ml Cranberry juice - 30 ml Method: Add icecubes to a shaker glass. Add all the ingredients. Shake the drink. Strain it into a glass with icecubes Subscribe to YouTube - Like us on Facebook - A Ventuno Production : May 26, 2014

Kitchen items you forget to clean

Kitchen items are contaminated with various germs that can cause food-borne illness. Here are some of the worst germ breeding grounds, and tips on how to keep them clean. May 24, 2014

Strawberry Sunday cocktail

Strawberry Sunday Ingredients Vodka - 60 ml Fresh Strawberry - 6 nos Fresh Cream - 3 bar spoon Coconut syrup - 15 ml Sugar syrup - 10 ml Pineapple juice - 60 ml Method: 1. Muddle the Fresh Strawberry, add ice cubes, Coconut syrup, Fresh Cream, Sugar syrup, Vodka & shake the drink. 2. Strain the drink in hurricane glass. Top it up with Pineapple juice & garnish it with Strawberry. Follow us on TWITTER - Subscribe to YouTube - Like us on FACEBOOK - A Ventuno Production : May 23, 2014