Puneet Issars Daughter Tweets About Karishmas Dead Father!

Every Bigg Boss season involves plenty of insults flying around between the house but its not often that you see a contestants family member getting involved in such a nasty way. Apparently, Puneet Issars daughter Nivriti decided to take matter into her own hands and tweeted something rather insensitive about Karishma Tannas dead father. Watch the video for the full scoop. Dec 17, 2014
aamir-kiran-sachin-catch-a-sreening-of-pk Play

Aamir, Kiran, Sachin catch a sreening of PK

Aamir Khan had expressed his desire to show his film PK to all his colleagues and friends. The perfectionist star therefore arranged for a PK screening. Seen here is Sachin Tendulkar, who came to watch the film for Aamir. News has it that the cricketing God of India loved the movie. Also seen is Aamir's wif Kiran Rao. The movie, which also stars Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput, releases this weekend. Dec 17, 2014
Kamal Haasan Speaks

Kamal Haasan Wants K Balchander to Watch 'Uttama Villain'

Kamal Haasan has wished K Balachander a speedy recovery. The Universal Star has also said that he wants to show his latest movie 'Uttama Villain' to his guru and the legendary director, who was admitted to Kaveri hospital on Monday, 15 December. Dec 17, 2014