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Karissa was a talented cook and had a promising future ahead. However, she turned into a drug addict under the influence of a friend and afterwards, her life became a rickety journey of self-abuse and severe addiction. The latest episode of A&E's "Intervention" Season 15 deals with her story.

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According to the synopsis of the episode on A&E, "Karissa was always a talented cook – so much so, that her mother had one day hoped to pass the family diner down to her as a legacy. But Karissa's life took a drastic turn when a close family friend fed her Oxycodone, and then ultimately made her a drug courier." 

"From there Karissa was lost. Now, years of self-abuse, self-medication, and a severe addiction to heroin have left her volatile and desperate. Her family fears that if she does not heal from her violent past and the childhood she lost, she will never have the future she deserves."

Sylvia's Parsons will serve as Karissa's interventionist in the episode. Whether she will be able to help Karissa with her addiction or not will be seen only in the next episode.

The previous episode told the story of Barry, 50, who hailed from a small seaside town in Nova Scotia and was born into a life of alcoholism and turmoil. The victim of childhood abuse at the hands of a close relative, Barry learnt to drink with his alcoholic mother as a boy.

Living day-to-day in run-down motels and struggling to put together a living between binges, Barry tried his best to reclaim his life, his family, and a relationship with his son who had shut him out of his life.