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In the latest instalment of "Madam Secretary," Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) has to make a tough choice. Season 2 episode 19 titled "Desperate Remedies" captures the Secretary of State's dilemma when she is forced to make a deal with terrorist organisation, Boko Haram.

[Spoiler Alert]

The promo (via Spoilers Guide) for episode 19 details the pressure on the U.S. when faced with a hostage situation. President Dalton and Elizabeth watch a video of girls taken as hostage in Nigeria. Although this sounds like a national crisis, it isn't. The U.S. could play a crucial role in freeing the girls.

As the hostage situation becomes clear, Bess realises that the terrorists of Boko Haram are not just wreckers of mass destruction; one of them even carries a virus that could potentially lead to an epidemic, killing hundreds of people. However, all of that can be avoided if the U.S. lends medical support. 

In the video clip, President Dalton tells Bess to find the drug in order to stop the epidemic, but that's when the problem arises. If Bess does save the terrorist's life then she has to deny the drug to one of her own people. Will she forsake the life of an American?

The American civilian appeals to her moral compass and asks her why she wants to help a mass murderer. At this point, Bess is silent, but it appears that her decision is made.

Meanwhile, her husband Henry (Tim Daly) and his team pursue Jibral Disah (Bobak Bakhtiari), the world's most wanted terrorist. He finds crucial information that helps him locate Disah

"Madam Secretary" Season 2 episode 19 airs 8 p.m. EST Sunday, April 10, on CBS. You can live-stream the episode via CBS All Access.