Damian Lewis as Axe
Damian Lewis as AxeFacebook / Billions

In the upcoming episode titled "The Conversation" of Showtime's drama series "Billions," after Axe (Damian Lewis) loses on a big trade, Chuck (Paul Giamatti) goes after him, determined to capture him at any cost.

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According to the synopsis of the episode by TV.com, "Chuck going in search of Axe that results in an explosive confrontation."

Though Chuck is not sure about whereabouts of Axe, he is trying his best to catch him this time. Axe has evaded Chuck for numerous times that has angered Chuck and made him more determined. However, whether he will catch Axe in the final episode of Season 1 or not will be seen only once the episode airs.

In the previous episode titled "Magical Thinking," Chuck found about Axe's interaction with Wendy (Maggie Siff) through their notes that mentioned several suspicious activities of Axe.

The notes also stated the incident when Axe had bribed the police officers. Just when Chuck was going through all the documents, Wendy entered the room and saw him reading her notes.

Afterwards, Axe admitted to Wendy that he didn't tell Donnie Caan about the treatment that could have extended his life by a few months. Wendy tried to assure Axe that there was still a significant chance of his recovery, but Axe was in no mood to listen.

Elsewhere, a mysterious photographer snapped pictures of Chuck visiting one of his BDSM spots and it seems that he intended to blackmail Chuck for some purpose.

No further information was revealed of the photographer and what enmity he has against Chuck. Whether he intends to use it for blackmailing Chuck or for some other purpose will be seen once the episode airs.