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"Once Upon A Time" Season 5, after exploring the Underworld in the last couple of weeks, aired a Zelena-centric episode last week. And the battle between the good and the evil continues and gets even darker and dangerous in episode 17.

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In episode 16, we saw how the secret behind Zelena and Hades romantic past was revealed. And it showed that the Lord of the Underworld wanted Rumple to open up a portal to Storybrooke to get Zelena's baby. The episode portrayed Zelena is good light and showed how everyone in her life including her own mother abandoned her.

In episode 17, we will see Belle and her unborn child's life being threatened by Hades and how she will reach out to Rumple for help in protecting them both. However, they have an argument about how to do it as Belle makes it clear that she doesn't want him to use his dark powers if possible.

According to the synopsis of "Her Handsome Hero," Hades will bring in Gaston, inciting him to take revenge on Rumple for coming in way of his relationship with Belle and for taking away the love of his life.

It would be interesting to see how Rumple will work his way around this fight as he has made a contract with Hades, binding him to the king of the Underworld. So does this mean that he will double-cross and use his dark powers against Hades to protect his family?

Meanwhile, the promo of the upcoming episode hints that this revenge game could lead to loss of a loved one. Will it be Belle's unborn child?

We will have to wait and watch how all these questions unravel in this Sunday's episode.

Plot synopsis for 'Her Handsome Hero' (via TV Guide) reads: "Gaston's passion for revenge is ignited by Hades, who wants him to go after Rumplestiltskin. Meanwhile, Belle asks Rumplestiltskin to protect their child without using dark magic; and in a flashback, the Ogre wars halt a romance between Belle and Gaston."

"Once Upon A Time" Season 5 episode 17, titled "Her Handsome Hero," will be aired on ABC Sunday, April 10, 2016 at 8 p.m.