Soul Flyers Base jump over historic fortress in southern France

French Base jumpers Frederic Fugen and Vincent Reffet – who broke a world record after leaping off the Burj Khalifa in Dubai last year – took to the skies in southern France on Saturday (6 June) to jump over a historic medieval fortress. Jun 8, 2015
UFO Sightings, Ceres

UFO Sighting 2015: NASA's Dawn Images Sparks Existence of Alien City on Ceres

Many may consider claims of UFO sightings as rubbish but that hasn't stopped such reports. In fact, sightings of strange object seem to be increasing by the day. Interestingly, NASA has sparked off speculations on the existence of aliens as scientists were reportedly baffled by the bright lights spotted on dwarf planet Ceres. Jun 8, 2015