Essa Merchant
Essa Merchant

'Essa Ismail Merchant' says his name is very familiar within the telecommunication industry. He, coupled along with his brand, Advanced Computers and Mobiles India Pvt Ltd, he says, are the well-established legacies that brought many international corporations to India, and gave rise to a new era of success stories in the nation.

What makes him success story?

He says he bought in a modern twist to a traditional business, leading the way for revolutionary and unremarkably unique ideas and assets into the telecommunications industry. Let's begin with his distribution model. Back when he founded Advanced Group, he gave birth to a particularly idiosyncratic plan in a country that had never even heard of last-mile delivery options. With this introduction, he hired bikers that we're able to deliver his stock of mobile phones at lightning speed, something that he quickly became famous for.

The word soon reached amongst the biggest industrialists of the telecommunication industry, and when they looked to enter India, they all wanted to join his hands for his established distribution model. Advanced Group soon became a globally recognized brand that had partnered up with multinational names like Blackberry, Alcatel, Phillips, Motorola, Lenovo, Meizu, and many more, and had its domain established in every nook and cranny of the nation. Today, Advanced Group boasts about its pan India network and its highly connected distributorship system.

And with over 25 years in this industry and being hailed a veteran, he now aims to take his learnings he has developed through his brand, Advanced Group, and pass it along to the younger generation of business owners, startups and enterprises. With this thought in mind, he has created a new blog-site for himself and for others, called, where he quite often shares his thoughts, dialogues and insights, and encourages discussions and suggestions from his colleagues, peers, friends, and followers.