Nato doubts Russia’s excuse on Turkish airspace violation

Natos Secretary-General said on 6 October he doubted Russias explanation that its weekend violations of Turkeys airspace were a mistake because there were two such incursions and they lasted longer than just a few seconds. Oct 6, 2015

Germany: Pegida holds anti-Islam rally in Dresden

Sympathisers of the anti-immigration movement Pegida gathered in Dresden on 5 October, criticising the German government for ignoring fears of mass Muslim immigration. The demonstration, beginning in front of the citys opera house, attracted several thousand people waving flags and holding banners against Islam in Germany. Oct 6, 2015

Sons of Trump: Mexican comedians hit back at Republican

Decked out in dark suits and outlandish blond wigs, a clutch of Mexicos most popular comedians lambasts Donald Trump as a dangerous buffoon in a new play that hits back over his anti-Mexican comments on the US election campaign trail. Oct 6, 2015