Online delivery can be tricky. There have been instances of online shoppers getting bricks and soaps instead of a smartphone, which usually ends up getting replaced with the real product after raising complaints and generous backlash. But a Pune-based Amazon shopper was in for a big surprise when he ordered a Rs 300 skin lotion.

In a surprising gaffe on Amazon India's end, the e-commerce giant shipped a high-end truly wireless earphones instead and to the customer's surprise, the online retailer asked him to keep the product. Wondering why? The order was non-refundable.

One man's loss is another man's gain

Wrong shipment
Wrong shipment by Amazon

Pune-based Gautam Rege shared his ordeal (or not) on Twitter, which instantly went viral. The post garnered thousands of views, RTs and likes. Rege had ordered a skin lotion worth Rs 300, but the package he received had Bose SoundSport Free wireless earbuds, which cost Rs 19,000. Rege wanted to set things right and he chose to inform Amazon about the wrong shipment, but he was in for another surprise.

Amazon acknowledged the error and processed a refund of Rs 300 for the wrong order. But that's not it. Amazon support team asked Rege to keep the Bose TWS as the order was non-refundable. The picture also shows a packet of 2 litre Surf Excel Matic liquid, which also costs more than the skin lotion he'd ordered.

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How netizens reacted?

It was a moment of immense surprise and shock for many, who shared their views on Twitter. One user even shared a similar experience when he had received a Lenovo Tab4 when he ordered an aftershave cream. The rest of the tweets in response to Rege's tweet were hilarious. Check out some reactions below: