Zomato offers 'period leave' to employees in India

In a new move, the Indian food delivery company Zomato is now offering its employees 'period leave'. The issue around companies offering 'period leave' to employees has so far been a highly contested matter. Aug 9, 2020
Dairy companies' immunity-boosting products

Milking COVID: Haldi ice cream to immunity-boosting products by Amul, KMF

Recently, everything has been about health and immunity, and it has everything to do with the ongoing pandemic. Dairy companies are now drawing on home remedies to make pandemic-themed milk products that will help 'boost immunity'. Amul launched its Haldi ice cream to uncertain reactions from netizens and Karnataka Milk Federation only just announced it's range of immunity-boosting flavoured milk products. Would you give them a try? Aug 2, 2020
Dr. Aisha does not exist

Fact-Check: COVID victim Dr. Aisha does not exist; fake images, fake story go viral

Dr Aisha tugged at the heartstrings of India. Her posts on Twitter, her moving story on how she lost the battle to COVID-19 and more. Many celebrities and the media prayed for her and sympathised. It was then alleged that the woman (or a man) is actually running a fake Twitter account. This has led to much confusion about the identity of the 'doctor'. Aug 2, 2020