Man beaten to death by mob in Kushinagar UP

In Kushinagar on Monday, in a horrific incident, a murder-accused was lynched by a mob. The accused has reportedly opened fire on the mob and had murdered a school teacher.

Before the police could get a hold of the murder-accused, the mob had surrounded him and beaten the man to death. 

Mob beats murder-accused to death

A mob in Kushinagar, eastern UP took law into its own hands against a murder-accused. The incident took place in Rampur Bangra, within Taryasujan police station limits. Here, a school teacher Sudhir Singh was shot dead by a man in the morning at around 8 am. 

The accused had a loaded pistol with which he shot the teacher. After Singh was shot, neighbours had gathered at the site of the incident. He had climbed to the terrace of the house by then and as a crowd began to form he had opened fire on them. The police were alerted and arrived at the spot, but by then the many villagers who had heard he had killed a school teacher had lynched the man. 

Reportedly, eyewitnesses say that the murder-accused had tried to surrender when he saw the police, however, the crowd had attacked him. The Superintendent of Police Vinod Kumar Mishra said in a video statement, that the police were informed that the attacker had opened fire on the crowd from the terrace, so the police climbed to the next house's terrace and tried to get him to surrender.

Murder-accused beaten to death in UP
Mob lynches murder accused in UP district.IANS

The accused had fled to a room in the house and locked himself in, however, the crowd broke open the door and ensured he couldn't fire at them. "By the time the police reached the spot after coming down from the next terrace and to the house to clear the crowd and arrest him, by then the crowd had become aggravated and he was dead when was brought out," the SP said. 

While many eyewitnesses at the spot claimed that the police didn't arrive as soon as they should have, the investigation into the matter is on. The accused hasn't yet been identified. 

Further details will be published as and when received.