M Nageshwar Rao and Swami Agnivesh
Left: @MNageshwarRaoIPS/Twitter

After Arya Samaj leader Swami Agnivesh passed away on Friday, many have remembered him and the work standing up against bonded labour. While the leader was mourned, ex-CBI chief M Nageshwar Rao took to Twitter to say 'good riddance'. 

The retired officer's tweet was not well-received and was deemed inappropriate by netizens. Not long after, Twitter had deleted his derogatory tweet saying that it violated their norms. 

M Nageshwar Rao's tweet receives flak

Swami Agnivesh has been seen as a powerful figure in India, and his death came as a shock to many. Still, for IPS officer M Nageshwar Rao, he wasn't too pleased with the individual himself. The officer had taken to Twitter to make harsh remarks on the death of Swami Agnivesh.

In his tweet he had written:

GOOD RIDDANCE @swamiagnivesh You were an anti-Hindu donning saffron clothes. You did enormous damage to Hinduism. I am ashamed you were born as a Telugu brahmin. Lion in sheep clothes. My grievance against Yamraj is why did he wait this long." - @MNageshwarRaoIPS on Twitter

The tweet was seen by many as disrespectful and uncalled for, especially following the death of a particular individual. 

Suffering from liver cirrhosis Swami Agnivesh was in a critical condition when he was admitted at the Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences in Delhi. After suffering multiple organ failure on Tuesday he was on the ventilator and suffered a cardiac arrest on Friday at 6 pm which caused his death. 

M Nageshwar Rao tweet

The Indian Police Foundation had tweeted disapproving of such a tweet on part of M Nageshwar Rao. He, however, still stood by his words. Moreover, many spoke about Rao's own stand on issues as well as the charges and allegations against him.  He replied to many such tweets defending his stand.

M Nageshwar Rao tweet
M Nageshwar Rao tweet

Instead, M Nageshwar had tweeted, "Why do we celebrate as festivals the days savages were dead? Bcoz they're pests destroying society &their death is a cause for celebration.
It was also to warn people not to patronise the bad. Hinduism eschews अपात्र दानं & misplaced sympathy as they destroy giver & sympathise." 

On the same day, however, Twitter had removed his tweet finding the officer's tweet in bad taste.