Spice Stellar pad mi-1010 - Video Review

The Spice Stellar Pad has a 10.1-inch IPS display with a 1280x800 resolution, a 1.5GHz dual core processor, 1GB of RAM and a whopping 7600mAh battery. is it a dream budget Android tablet or are you better off looking elsewhere? watch our review to find out. Jan 29, 2013

Unboxing the Google LG Nexus 4 on the streets of New Delhi at midnight

We have waited patiently for the past one-month to get our hands on the Nexus 4. Last night, at midnight, our consignment arrived. We were too impatient to unbox the device at home, so we did it right there, in the middle of the street. Here's us unboxing the Nexus 4 in the middle of the night in the middle of the street. Take a look at one of the shadiest unboxing's of the Google LG Nexus 4. Jan 29, 2013

Orangutans at Smithsonian Zoo Get Hands on Apple iPad [VIDEO]

The Smithsonian National Zoological Park in Washington has joined the hands with the "Apps for Apes" campaign which works towards the cognitive development of orangutans at various zoos through the new interactive enrichment tool, Apple iPad. Jan 24, 2013

Dell Latitude 10 - Hands-On

We take a look at the first windows 8 pro sporting tablet - the Dell Latitude 10. It houses an Intel Atom Z2670 dual core processor and has a 64GB SSD storage. It comes with a USB port to which you can connect a keyboard/mouse and use it as a regular system. The Dell Latitude 10 is priced around Rs. 39,990 Jan 23, 2013