College students heckle Steve Mnuchin Play

College students heckle Steve Mnuchin

College students at University of California, LA heckled Steve Mnuchin during a talk at the university. The protesters were dragged away by police, and Mnuchin asked students to not share the videos on social media. Mar 1, 2018
Who is Nastya Rybka? Play

Who is Nastya Rybka?

An escort who is at the center of a major political scandal in Russia is calling on the United States for help in exchange for information on the election scandal around President Donald Trumps campaign team. Belarusian-born Nastya Rybka, a self-described sex expert—whose real name is Anastasia Vashukevich—is currently in prison in Thailand alongside her fellow sex experts, after they were reportedly arrested on February 25. Mar 1, 2018