toulouse-remembers-victims-of-2012-shooting-spree Play

Toulouse remembers victims of 2012 shooting spree

Two years ago the French town of Toulouse was terrorised by a serial shooter who gunned down 7 people. Today the town paid tribute to the children that were killed by Mohamed Merah at their school. Duration: 00:39 Mar 20, 2014
uncertain-future-for-crimeas-tourist-industry Play

Uncertain future for Crimea's tourist industry

Crimea's tourist industry fears for its future as Ukraine and Russia wrangle over its status. Voters chose to join Russia on Sunday -- and Moscow pledged at least $1bn to buoy the economy. Duration: 02:02 Mar 19, 2014
ukranians-in-kiev-foresee-military-conflict-in-crimea Play

Ukranians in Kiev foresee military conflict in Crimea

Pro-European protesters in Kiev believe a military conflict with Russia is now inevitable, after a Ukranian soldier died when a group of pro-Russian gunmen stormed a Ukrainian military centre in Simferopol on Tuesday. Duration: 01:06 Mar 19, 2014
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China's urban drive risks digging economic hole

Chinese workers in coal-mining villages who bear the brunt of toxic air and tragic accidents face finding new jobs due to government plans to shut down half the province's mines in a bid to fight the country's pollution. Duration: 02:00 Mar 19, 2014