French attackers switched cars near the scene

The two men who attacked French weekly Charlie Hebdo, killing 12, fled by car, which they abandoned a few streets on, before driving off in another stolen car. Duration: 01:16 Jan 8, 2015

Five years on, Haiti's earthquake amputees still struggling

Haiti's 2010 earthquake caused terrible damage, but while much of Port-au-Prince is being rebuilt, the scars of those who lost limbs in the disaster will never completely heal. Five years on, many amputees are still struggling. Duration: 02:32 Jan 8, 2015

World leaders react to deadly attack on French weekly

US President Barack Obama condemns the 'terrible' assault on a French satirical newspaper that left 12 dead, and expresses his 'deepest sympathies' to the people of Paris for what he calls a 'terrorist attack.' Duration: 01:13 Jan 8, 2015

Syrian refugees struggle with snow storm in Lebanon

A Syrian man and young boy died in cold weather in Lebanon as a major storm dumped rare snow on parts of the Middle East Wednesday, bringing misery to thousands of Syrian refugees. Duration: 00:41 Jan 8, 2015

Shell to pay 483m compensation to Nigerian fishermen

Oil-giant Shell have agreed to pay £55m to compensate 15,600 Nigerian fishermen and their community after it was devastated by two massive oil spills in the Niger Delta in 2008 and 2009. Duration: 01:05 Jan 8, 2015

Zimbabwe to export elephants in population curb

Wildlife authorities in Zimbabwe announced at the end of December plans to export at least 62 elephants to top up scant state funding and curb a ballooning pachyderm population. Duration: 01:00 Jan 8, 2015

France in shock as 12 dead in 'terrorist' attack

France is reeling after gunmen massacred 12 people at satirical weekly that had long outraged Muslims. The attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in a quiet Paris neighbourhood was the bloodiest in France for at least four decades. Duration: 02:27 Jan 7, 2015

Twelve shot dead at French satirical weekly

At least 12 people were killed when gunmen armed with Kalashnikovs and a rocket-launcher opened fire in the offices of French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday. Duration: 01:02 Jan 7, 2015

Egyptian Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas

Egyptian Coptic Christians were celebrating Christmas on Tuesday in a Coptic church in Cairo. Many Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas Day near January 7 to remember Jesus Christ’s birth, as described in the Gregorian calendar. Duration: 01:07 Jan 7, 2015