A millionaire’s Christmas: £1m crackers and ruby tarts

A luxury goods seller showcased items for a millionaires Christmas on 10 December which include a snow globe with diamond snow, tarts with rubies, a Christmas tree star containing more than 280 diamonds and a box of crackers costing £995,000 ($1,509,066). Dec 14, 2015

Typhoon Melor: 700,000 evacuated from central Philippines

Hundreds of thousands of people were evacuated from the central Philippines on 14 December as Typhoon Melor made landfall with winds of up to 95mph, dumping heavy rain that could cause flooding, landslides and storm surges, authorities warned. About 40 domestic flights were grounded, while 73 ferries and hundreds of fishing boats were ordered to remain in port as Melor hit the village of Batag on the northern tip of Samar island. Dec 14, 2015