Paddle boarders make the most of Hurrican Hermines floodwater

Paddle boarding enthusiasts in Florida, USA decided to make the most out of the flooding that has been caused by Hurricane Hermine. Hurrican Hermine approached Florida for the Gulf of Mexico on 1 September, with forecasters warning 80 mph winds and high seas for the next three days. The hurricane is expected to make landfall in north Florida. Sep 2, 2016

Melania Trump sues Daily Mail and US blogger for $150m

The wife of US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is suing British newspaper the Daily Mail and a US blogger for suggesting she used to work as a part-time escort during her modelling days. The allegations relate to the time before Melania was married Trump, but her lawyers state that the claims are 100% false. Sep 2, 2016

Nelson Mandela: First ever TV interview with anti-apartheid leader discovered

This is believed to be South Africas late anti-apartheid leader Nelson Mandelas first ever television appearance. The footage is believed to have dated from 1956. The Nelson Mandela Foundation, an NGO dedicated to Mandelas memory, said in a statement that the 24-second interview was probably taken in 1956 during the Treason Trial, which ended in 1961 with the acquittal of Mandela and dozens of others on charges of treason. Mandela, who died in 2013 aged 95, became South Africas first black president in 1994. He won the Noble Peace Prize in 1993 for his efforts to promote racial reconciliation in his racially-scarred nation. Sep 2, 2016

Youths beat teenager unconscious with a chair whilst robbing him

CCTV footage has been released of a violent attack on a teenager as he was walking along Streatham High Road on 30 April. The 19-year-old victim was knocked unconscious by approximately 10 people, and had his phone and a small amount of cash stolen. Police are appealing for the identity of those shown in the footage who are described as black male teenagers between the ages of 14 and 16. Sep 2, 2016

Hoard of police officers escort one man in ridiculous Brixton arrest

Video footage has been released showing the moment a man was arrested by approximately a dozen police officers during a pre-planned anti-drug operation in Brixton. The Met Police was conducting Operation Zarina on Thursday (1 September) when violence broke out near Brixton Underground station. Sep 2, 2016