Kerala floods

After the floods Kerala faced in August, the God's Own Country is gearing up for another bout of heavy rainfall this weekend. 

Tamil Nadu is also predicted to be hit with the rains and fishermen have been warned not to venture out into the sea for the next few days. 

On Friday, the Tamil Nadu state government declared all educational institutes closed since it was predicted to rain that day. 

Live Updates

2018-10-0615:24 (IST)

Red alert withdrawn from parts of Kerala

The IMD has withdrawn the red alert warning issued in Kerala Idukki and Malappuram districts, reports news agency ANI. 

2018-10-0613:38 (IST)

Skymet weather president comments on Kerala rains

2018-10-0612:27 (IST)

Indian Coast Guard warns that the depression would move in the North-West direction

2018-10-0611:15 (IST)

Rain in Tamil Nadu

2018-10-0610:26 (IST)

Rainfall alerts in Kerala

2018-10-0610:25 (IST)

Cyclone predicted in Kerala on October 7 & 8

2018-10-0610:20 (IST)

Navy on high alert in Kerala

"All naval assets at Kochi, both air as well as surface, being maintained at high alert to render any assistance to the state administration and local population in case of any contingency caused due to adverse weather," the Navy told news agency ANI. 

2018-10-0610:19 (IST)

IMD predicts heavy rainfall in Tamil Nadu on Oct 6

The IMD has predicted heavy rains along with thunderstorm and lightning over Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, and parts of Kerala and Karnataka. 

2018-10-0609:56 (IST)

NRDF teams deployed in Kerala on Friday

On Friday, NRDF teams were deployed to Idukki, Kozhikode, Wayanad, Palakkad and Pathanamthitta and were kept on standby. 

2018-10-0609:52 (IST)

On Friday, Tamil Nadu government issued alerts

2018-10-0609:42 (IST)

Tourist movement restricted

Tourists have been advised not to go to hill stations till the red alert has been cleared. The Kerala government has also cautioned those living on the banks of rivers Pamba and Periyar. 

2018-10-0609:39 (IST)

Control rooms set up in Kerala

As a precautionary measure, control rooms have been set up all over Kerala as a relief measure.

"All steps have been taken to open relief camps if necessary. Control rooms have been opened in taluks. Fishermen have been asked to return, venturing into the sea has been stopped. Beaches in the district are closed. Tourist movement to hill stations has been banned," Ernakulam District Collector Mohammed Safirulla said to Indian express. 

2018-10-0609:26 (IST)

Dams shutters opened in Kerala

Shutters of at least 14 dams opened in Kerala. The Banasurasagar dams in Wayanad were opened on Friday, as well as one shutter of the Idukki dam on Saturday morning. 

2018-10-0609:23 (IST)

Low pressure over Arabian Sea

 The low pressure over the southern part of the Arabian Sea will most likely become a cyclone.