San Francisco: Black Lives Matter protest shuts down the Bay Bridge

The westbound lanes of the Bay Bridge, in San Francisco, California, were shut down on 18 January, after Black Lives Matter protesters used different means to block the multi lane bridge. Demonstrators could be seen with their fists raised standing on the Bay Bridge causing traffic to become gridlocked. Jan 19, 2016

Donald Trump debate: Presidential candidate called ‘buffoon’ and ‘wazzock’ by British MPs

US Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was called all manner of names by British MPs on 18 January, during a heated debate on whether to ban him from entering the UK. The unusual debate which saw Trump called a buffoon and bonkers was triggered by a petition signed by more than half a million people calling for him to be barred from Britain after he said Muslims should not be allowed to enter the United States. Jan 19, 2016