France: As burkini row rages Paris celebrates 70th anniversary of the bikini

It was French couturier, Louis Reard, who during a beauty contest in June 1946 presented a new swimming costume with much less material than previously seen on a womans body.But the smallest swimming costume ever made was first seen as vulgar and was largely ignored by the fashion world.Today, a Paris gallery celebrates the 70th anniversary of the bikini. Meanwhile, France is embroiled in a row over swimwear, with the top administrative court suspending on Friday 26 August a ban on full-body burkini swimsuits that has angered Muslims, feminists and civil liberties campaigners. Aug 27, 2016

Philippines: Police chief tells narcotic users to kill drug lords

Philippine Police Chief Ronald Dela Rosa addresses more than a thousand drug users who surrendered to authorities and tells them to kill drug lords and burn down their houses. His comment drew criticisms from human rights advocates and he later apologised at a news conference on Friday 26 August, saying he was only drawn by his emotions after seeing the faces of the drug users.More than 1,900 people have been killed in Dutertes war on drugs since he came to power seven weeks ago, according to police figures. Aug 27, 2016