CarryMinati has been all the rage recently. If you've been following social media, it's inevitable that you will come across CarryMinati whose most recent video has stirred up a storm online. His controversial YouTube versus TikTok video has been the centre of a furious debate.

But, who is CarryMinati? As one of India's most prolific YouTubers with over 16M views, Ajey Nagar has established himself as India's very own Roast King. The Gen Z YouTube star is now trending everywhere, as viewers cry #Justiceforcarry following his video being taken down by the platform.


Who is CarryMinati?

You might have heard of CarryMinati, and if you haven't eventually you'll definitely hear about him. He is one of India's biggest YouTube stars with over millions of views and over 16M subscribers. Going by the name CarryMinati, 20-year-old Ajey Nagar, was born and brought up in Faridabad, Haryana. The youngster started his YouTube career in 2010, attaining peak popularity eventually.

His videos are bold, funny and have an edge that few YouTubers can boast of. After all, on social media, novelty and personality are everything. Beginning as 'Stealth Fearzz' to 'CarryDeol' he followed the gameplay format with his own touch, a Sunny Deol voice. In 2016, CarryMinati hit virality when his video 'Making Money with BB ki Vines' attained a surge in views. 

In 2017, CarryMinati received a gold play button on YouTube after crossing the 1M milestone. Another very popular video by the talented youngster was Bye Bye Pewdiepie, is a diss track on Pewdiepie, the world's most popular YouTuber. CarryMinati's videos, especially his roasts and rants really did well, roasting KRK, Ajaz Khan, and numerous Bollywood celebrities. 

At 20, the youngster was declared a Next Generation Leader in 2019 by Time magazine. How many youngsters can boast an achievement like this? But, CarryMinati is only one of the two channels he owns, CarryisLive is his second channel where he livestreams playing games. 

CarryMinati's YouTube versus TikTok controversy

#JusticeforCarry is trending on Twitter after CarryMinati's video YouTube versus TikTok created outrage online. The video is incidentally his most popular video till date with 7 million views in under a week and doubled his subscribers from 8M to 16M in a short span of time.

His fans and viewers are extremely unhappy at the removal of the video, as YouTube believed it violated their terms and service. Now many celebrities are coming out saying that perhaps the move wasn't right. According to the terms, CarryMinati's video seemed to go against the harassment policy. 

In the video Nagar roasted TikTok user Amir Siddiqui, interestingly CarryMinati's roasts are his USP. Moreover, he has roasted many Indian celebrities, the Filmfare awards, and many more, but those videos remain aired. When a video is taken down, it means a creative curb and a loss in the efforts that went into creating the content.