Police investigation after four-year-old thrown off bridge into river

Two people reportedly received citations from police in Washington on 24 August, after a four-year-old was thrown off a bridge into a river. According to local reports, a woman described as the boys mother was cited for reckless endangerment and man was cited for the same as well as criminal trespassing. The boy was reportedly uninjured in the incident. Aug 31, 2016

Funerals held for some of the victims of the devastating Italy earthquake

An earthquake that killed over 292 people hit central Italy on 24 August, levelling numerous towns. A funeral was held for some of the victims in Amatrice, where 231 of the 292 victims were killed. There was uproar after the funeral was originally due to be held in Reiti, over 37 miles away, due to the devastation in Amatrice. But after public pressure, Italys Prime Minister ordered it to be held in Amatrice. Aug 31, 2016