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Conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that NASA, the United States space agency, is well aware of alien existence and they are intentionally covering up the truth behind extraterrestrials fearing public panic. Adding heat to their beliefs, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorists have spotted an apparently triangular-shaped UFO zooming past SpaceX's Dragon during its early December 2018 mission that successfully ferried 2.5 tonnes of supplies to the orbiting International Space Station (ISS).

Interestingly, conspiracy theorists spotted the triangular UFO from NASA's ISS live feed, and in the video, a triangular object with glowing lights on its well-defined edges can be seen moving slowly in the background.

A video about the triangular UFO sighting was uploaded by conspiracy theory channel 'UFO Today' a few weeks back. In the video, the conspiracy theory channel argued that the triangular flying object spotted in the footage could be actually the alleged TR-3B, an anti-gravity military vessel developed by the United States Air Force during the peak of Gulf War.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that the United States Air Force developed this sophisticated military vessel using alien technology and some of them even went a step ahead to argue that friendly extraterrestrials from deep space have built these ships from Area 51.

A section of other conspiracy theorists believe that the triangular UFO might be either from an alien world or sometimes it might be the part of Donald Trump's space force.

As the video uploaded by UFO Today went viral, many people have started claiming that SpaceX is also a puppet in the hands of NASA and they are also covering up alien secrets for sinister intentions.

However, sceptics soon dismissed the alien claims and made it clear that the lights could be actually the reflection from objects inside the ISS. 

A couple of days back, two men from Bend, Oregon spotted glowing UFOs in the night sky and it made them claim that humans are not alone in the universe. These men revealed that the unidentified object spotted in the skies was hovering almost 500 feet above the ground.