Brazil: 56 killed in violent prison riot in the Anisio Jobim prison complex

A clash between rival gangs at the Anisio Jobim prison complex in Manaus, Brazil, has lead to the deaths of at least 56 people. It has been reported that bodies were thrown over the wall of the complex, and at least six people were decapitated. The massacre marked the latest clash between inmates aligned with the Sao Paulo based First Capital Command (Primeiro Comando da Capital, or PCC) – Brazils most powerful drug gang – and local criminal group the North Family. The gang is believed to be attacking PCC inmates at the behest of the Rio de Janeiro based Red Command (Comando Vermelho or CV), Brazils second largest drug gang. In the violence, 74 prisoners were reportedly taken hostage with some executed and some released. Sundays riot was the deadliest in years. Jan 3, 2017