Payal Tadvi's suicide note recently came to light in which she accused Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehare and Ankita Khandelwal of constantly taunting and harassing her. 

The 26-year-old junior doctor at BYL Nair hospital had hung herself in her hostel room on May 22, after writing in a note that the situation had become unbearable and she saw no way out of it. She was working in the Gynaecology department and said that she was given clerical work and not medical.

"I literally do not see anyway. For the last one year, we have been bearing them, hoping that one day this will end. But now I can only see the end...there is no way out of it," Payal wrote in her suicide note, reported India Today.

"I am really sorry mum and dad to take away my own life. I know how much I mean to you all and also you are the world to me. But know at the stage it has become unbearable. I cannot stand a minute with them," Payal added."For the last year, we have been hearing them hoping this will all end. But now I can only see the end. There is no way out of it really I cannot find a way out of it."

Her letter further read, "Initially me and Snehal [Payal's friend who gave her statement to the crime branch in Mumbai] didn't come forward or said anything to anyone. The torture continued to the level that I could not bear. I complained against them [the accused doctors] but it had no result."

Payal went on to explain, "I have lost my professional life, personal life, everything because it has been declared by them that they will not let me learn anything until they are in the hospital. I am prohibited from handling the labour room from last three weeks because they don't find me efficient. I have been asked to stay out of the labour room during OPD hours."

She ended her letter stating, "I hold Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehra and Ankita Khandelwal responsible for conditions of me and SnehalI have tried a lot, came forward many times, spoke with madam about this, but nothing has been done. I literally do not see any way, I can only see THE END."

After the accusation, Payal wrote how scared she was to leave her friend Snehal alone with the three doctors and hoped that Snehal will cope with them.