'Healthy' obese don't stay healthy for long

New Delhi, Jan 6 (ANI): Health of most adults who are considered "healthy obese" declines overtime, claims a new study.According to a study "healthy" obesity is a misleading concept and health obesity is defined as obesity with no metabolic risk factors.Core assumption of healthy obesity has been that it is stable over time, but they have now found that healthy obese adults tend to become unhealthy obese in the long-term, with about half making this transition over 20 years. Healthy obese adults were also much more likely to become unhealthy obese than healthy or unhealthy non-obese adults, indicating that healthy obesity is a high-risk state with serious implications for disease risk. Healthy obesity is only valid if it is stable over time, and the study indicated that it was often just a phase. Jan 6, 2015

It s official! Men are better at dieting than women

New Delhi, Jan 05 (ANI): A new study has found that men are better at dieting than women, as men lose weight faster and find it easier to keep off. According to a study, a large percentage of men declare that dieting is 'easy' and the stats showed men are better at losing weight over both long and short timescales, an online portal reported. It was also revealed if men do start putting a few pounds back on after reaching their target weight, they do so more slowly and combining exercise with a healthy diet followed by walking more and cutting out fat.But the survey revealed that a plus point for women was that they tend to set more realistic weight-loss targets but they did admit they often lack the willpower to stick to their planned diet schedule, as women were also more likely to combine exercise with a healthy diet than men, with almost four in ten revealing this as their chosen weight -loss method. Jan 5, 2015
Ebola, Nebraska Medical Center

US Monitoring Health Worker Exposed to Ebola

The patient was transported to the country on Sunday in a private air ambulance and has been admitted to the Nebraska Medical Centre in Omaha for observation and testing. Jan 5, 2015

Is depression a form of 'sickness behavior'?

New Delhi, Jan 05 (ANI): A new study has demonstrated that depression is a result of inflammation caused by the body's immune system. Depression does involve psychology, but it also involves equal parts of biology and physical health, a leading daily reported. According to the study, a family of proteins called cytokines sets off. Both cytokines and inflammation have been shown to rocket during depressive episodes and in people with bipolar to drop off in periods of remission. Healthy people can also be temporarily put into a depressed, anxious state when given a vaccine that causes a spike in inflammation. Jan 5, 2015

Easy Backpack Workout

Easy Backpack Workout to get relief back-pain from travelling. Facebook - Youtube - A Ventuno Production Jan 5, 2015