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The Supreme Court-appointed Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) on Thursday reportedly said during a hearing on pollution in New Delhi that the night-time pollution in the city has reduced. It also told the court that the measures directed by the Supreme Court for reducing pollution in the National Capital Region helped in minimising the pollution level. 

In January, the apex court had sought reports from Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh about the measures the governments were taking to rap construction companies in case they were contributing to the pollution level. The states had been unable to provide adequate answers, following which the EPCA was given permission to conduct a probe. The EPCA on Thursday presented its findings.

The EPCA said that reduced rain and wind helped in curbing the pollution, along with the Supreme Court's order on restricting entry of trucks, the New Indian Express reported. 

The Haryana government said that it diverted 2,000  trucks from entering Delhi during the hearing.

The Aam Aadmi Party's odd-even rule as well as diverting the entry of almost two lakh trucks have enabled the improvement in air pollution, the Hindustan Times reported. 

The EPCA on Feb. 16 met the Transport Ministry to gain support on a ban on diesel vehicles in the national capital. However, sources said that the ministry can not take a stand unless their opinion is sought on the matter, the Economic Times reported. 

In January, the EPCA panel had said that the odd-even rule had reduced the peak level pollution significantly in the month by about 40 percent. The scheme is set to make a comeback in April.