Jeremy Corbyn gets frustrated over questions about traingate

Jeremy Corbyn lost his cool at press conference on 24 August, when questions kept being asked about the Virgin trains fiasco, rather than the topic of the meeting the NHS. Corbyn took on a Virgin East Coast train on 11 August where he filmed a video claiming the train from London to Newcastle was ram-packed. But the operator released showing CCTV yesterday supposedly showing the Labour leader ignoring empty seats and sitting down on the journey. Aug 24, 2016

What is the Human Rights Act?

IBTimes UK explains the key points behind the Human Rights Act, after Justice Secretary Liz Truss confirmed that the government intends to go ahead with replacing the legislature. Scrapping the Act was a key manifesto pledge by the Conservative Party during the general election in May 2015. A petition to stop the act being replaced has gained over 30,000 signatures. Aug 26, 2016