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Chat on with Barkha and Indraneil

Television actors Barkha and Indraneil have been married for a few years now and they look madly in love even now; the duo complements each other. We spotted these love birds at the front row of Agni Mitra’s fashion show at Bengal Fashion Week. Gurpreet speaks with them about their sense of fashion,  Agni Mitra’s [...] Jun 24, 2014
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An Ecofriendly Fashion Treat

‘Be fashionable, but respect the earth’ is the strong message that designer Purvi Doshi gives out at her design showcase at Lakme Fashion Week 2014. Bewitched by the beauty, colours and freshness of nature, Purvi creates an eco-friendly collection titled ‘renaissance’ using just cotton. The designer takes references from cultures and styles of Europe and [...] Jun 24, 2014
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Aamir Khan vouches for television medium to raise social issues

Mumbai, June 23 (ANI): Bollywood actor Aamir Khan, said television is the strongest medium to raise social issues as he prepares for next season of his well acclaimed TV show, 'Satyamev Jayate'. In a country where television is populated with scheming mothers-in-law, coy brides and mountains of melodrama, Khan's talk show which tackles gritty social issues was welcomed by viewers. During an awards function in Mumbai, Khan said television is very special for him and he would like to bring change in the society by using the platform. Jun 23, 2014
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JLo says her kids are growing up differently than her

New Delhi, June 23 (ANI): Jennifer Lopez has revealed that she wants her children to grow up humbly aware of their privilege and they are growing up very differently than her. She said at the Sirius XM Town Hall segment in New York City that she grew up in The Bronx, shared a bed until they were 16 and it was very different, as her kids have their own rooms and they live in a big house, a web portal reported. She said that she wants her kids to learn to be charitable and know how lucky they are, even while eating dinner. Lopez added that are kids are loving and happy and healthy, and that they love to jump around and have fun. Jun 23, 2014
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Pop Up Cards

Learn how to make homemade pop-up cards and crafts with the step-by-step instructions. Facebook : Twitter : Youtube : A Ventuno Production : Jun 23, 2014