"The Rap Game" Season 1 Episode 6, which will be aired on Friday, 5 February, will see Jermaine Dupri forcing a game-changing twist on the young rappers and their managers. In the upcoming eoisode, titled  "Shakin' Things Up", the test is more on the managers rather than the children, as Dupri gives the competitors a marketing challenge.

In a promo for the upcoming "Shakin' Things Up", the managers and the rappers are told they will get to meet a marketing agent and pitch their artistes. However, the twist is the managers will not represent their original artists; instead, they will have to promote another young rapper from the mix.

This piece of information comes as a big shock to everyone, especially Nique, Lil Niqo's "momager" who was initially very excited for the challenge. She had banked on using her history as an artiste-developer and marketing exec to ensure Niqo's win.

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As fans will remember, Lil' Niqo had the number one spot in last week's competition. It was a huge victory for him, considering it was the first time his name had appeared on top spot in the line-up. 

Understandably, Nique is worried another manager might bring her son down. In a clip from the upcoming episode, she is seen telling the managers of Miss Mulatto and Supa Peach: "My baby better not come in the bottom, Imma cut you". It looks like Supa Peach's manager may be managing Niqo this week, because she replies saying, "You better bring a big knife".

Each manager seems worried the others would either intentionally downplay their rapper or not put all their effort into the challenge. However, the young rappers seem to have their eyes on their prize, and especially in the last competition, all of them "killed it", as their respective managers put it.

Watch Season 1 Episode 6 of "The Rap Game" at 10 p.m. (EST) on Friday, 5 February. You can also live-stream "Shakin' Things Up" via mylifetime. For clips from Season 1 Episode 5 "Gettin' Schooled", visit whipclip.