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Katrina Celebrates Ganesh Puja With Ranbir Kapoor!

New Delhi, Sep 17 (ANI): The Ranbir Kapoor-Katrina Kaif love story is again in headlines. This time, the couple has bonded on Ganpati Visarjan. As per a leading daily, Ranbir and his family celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi at home. The celebrations continued for almost five-long days. As per the sources, Katrina paid a visit to the Kapoor residence on Friday morning for the puja. It was the last day of the puja at Ranbir's home; hence the actress couldn't afford to miss this special occasion. We hope you two had great fun!! Sep 17, 2013
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Pop greats kick off Rock in Rio music fest

US diva Beyonce and French DJ David Guetta open Rock in Rio, one of the world's largest music festivals. Some 85,000 people are expected to show up for each day of the week-long event, which features 127 bands and artists. Duration: 01:52 Sep 17, 2013

Nina Davuluri Wins Miss America Title [PHOTOS]

Miss New York Nina Davuluri won the 2014 Miss America title on Sunday, becoming the first Indian-American to win the coveted title. Racist tweets flooded twitter after Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America. Sep 16, 2013
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Shahid Kapoor: I wish I had done more films

New Delhi, Sep 16 (ANI): Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is happy with the way his career has shaped, but regrets not doing enough films in the past ten years. Shahid feels he should have presented himself more often on the big screen to the audience, which in turn would have catapulted him to greater success. "The one mistake that I made was I did very little work. I think that is not good. As an actor you need to go out there, show yourself to the audience twice or thrice a year, at least at this stage of my career. I am not 45. I am not at that stage where people have seen twenty years of my work. So I feel it is important to keep presenting yourself to the audience," he said. Sep 16, 2013
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Shahrukh Khan retorts to Salman Khan's invitation!

New Delhi, Sep 16 (ANI): Bollywood superstar Salman Khan recently made headlines when at an event he mentioned that he will gladly welcome his contemporary Shahrukh Khan if he wants to promote his upcoming film on popular reality show 'Bigg Boss'. With this statement everyone was waiting to hear what would be SRK's revert on it. Now, we hear Shahrukh has retorted to Salman's invitation and recent comments. At a press event, when an entertainment channel spoke to SRK about Salman's invitation, he was quick to reply that he will definitely promote his movie on the reality show. However, the only glitch is that Salman will have to wait for almost a year to host Shahrukh as HAPPY NEW YEAR is still in the making. Sep 16, 2013
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Karisma Kapoor launches her book 'My Yummy Mummy Guide'

Mumbai, Sept 15 (ANI): Bollywood diva, Karisma Kapoor launched her first debut book 'My Yummy Mummy Guide' in the showbiz capital Mumbai recently. The book reveals her beauty and fitness secrets even after being a mother. Well. we hope that your book serves as a perfect guide for all the mothers!!! Sep 15, 2013
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Hangovers reduce with age!

New Delhi, Sep 15 (ANI): The severity of hangovers depends on age, a new research has revealed. Corresponding author Janne S. Tolstrup, a research program director at the University of Southern Denmark, said that while it is true that a hangover is mostly referred to in a humorous way, it can also be said that they are the most frequent alcohol-related morbidity. Sep 15, 2013