EXO's Lay aka Zhang Yi Xing suffered yet another accident while shooting a Chinese spin-off of the "Infinite Challenge." According to the latest news, Lay collapsed while filming the TV show.

Lay, 24, was on his way to the restroom when the incident occurred. The "Call Me Baby" singer was rushed to the hospital and was given medical care. Several media outlets reported that the EXO band member returned to the sets after he was discharged from the hospital.

According to Allkpop, Lay's medical condition arose from a severe case of food poising. The outlet pointed out that he was pale and was suffering from ill-health during the shoot. In fact, the EXO member's health seems to be in a precarious condition.

In January 2016, the SM Entertainment artiste injured his back while shooting a Chinese drama titled "Old Nine Gates." He was hospitalised after he hurt his back while riding a motorcycle, reported Korea Herald.

Meanwhile, Lay's bandmates performed on popular SBS show, "Fantastic Duo." According to Soompi, the theme for the evening was Our Oppa's favourite songs. MC Jun Hyun Moo revealed that fans, who wanted to apply for a duet with band members, crashed the website.

According to Jun, EXO's appearance on the variety show set the record for the highest number of applicants, with nearly 4,000 fans eagerly waiting for a chance to perform with the K-pop band.  

EXO presented an energetic performance alongside Jeolla Province Red Pants. The SM Entertainment-managed band churned out their hit songs such as "Love Me Right," among others. This performance proved to be a first for EXO members who sang the song for the first time with another band.