Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish in "Quantico"
Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish in "Quantico"Facebook/Quantico

"Quantico" is just an episode away from the Season 1 finale, and the elusive bomber will finally be revealed in the upcoming episode 21 "Closure." Putting an end to all the fan theories and spoilers, fans will learn who framed and later blackmailed Alex (Priyanka Chopra).

Spoilers Ahead

In the previous episode, fans learned that Drew (Lenny Platt) is the "Voice" that has been forcing Alex and others to do his bidding. However, it is clear that Drew is only a pawn in someone else's plans, and currently, the evidence is pointing towards Ryan (Jake McLaughlin).

In "Drive" we saw Alex accidentally put a USB containing files that frames Ryan as the terrorist at Drew's bidding. However, at that point she did not know that Drew is the "Voice."

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In the upcoming "Closure," Ryan will be seen trying to convince Miranda (Aunjanue Ellis) that Alex is trying to frame him. However, Miranda will put him in holding along with Caleb (Graham Rogers), who fans know, is working with Alex and Shelby (Johanna Brady).

Meanwhile, Alex is being forced to drive Ryan's truck, which contains a nuclear bomb, into the middle of New York City. Every aspect of the truck is rigged such that rolling down the windows or opening the doors will blow up the bomb, killing Alex and thousands of innocent people. While Alex tries to protect the people and herself, Miranda sends an army of FBI agents to stop the explosion. "Today is not the day a nuclear bomb goes off," Miranda says in the promo for Season 1 episode 21.

While the gripping storyline comes to a close, or at least a break, fans will finally learns who is behind the bombings and what his or her reasons are.

Don't forget to watch Season 1 episode 21 of "Quantico" at10 p.m. (EST) Sunday, May 1. You can also live stream "Drive" via ABC Go!