Sister Wives
Kody Brown and his four wives might take viewers through court room drama in 'Sister Wives' season 6.Facebook/Sister Wives

The Browns are back with their ever expanding family. In Season 7 episode 1 titled "Catfishing Fallout," the family is still reeling after Meri's catfishing scandal. However, the premiere episode also includes some happy news.

In the latest installment of TLC's reality TV show, Kody and his wives attend another round of therapy. This proves to be a useful experience because the family is still in shock after Meri was catfished previously. The therapist, in Season 7 episode 1, encourages the rest of the family to support her. This advice is meted out not just to Meri, but rest of the family members, who seem to have suffered a fallout.

During therapy, the Brown family members reveal their problems. In the promo, Kody says, "Meri and I have struggled a long time." This mental turmoil is present in her daughter too, who tells the cameras that she doesn't share a great relationship with her mother and the continuous pressure to talk stresses her.

While the family tries to deal with Meri, Robyn tries to clear space for the new baby. She reveals that her daughter will share the room with Sol. In the promo clip for episode 1, she appears flummoxed about clearing her son's room, but it is later revealed that almost everyone in the Brown family shared a room with their sibling.

"Sister Wives" Season 7 episode 1 airs at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday, May 8, on TLC. You can live-stream the show via Discovery Go.