Stephen Amell and Katie Cassidy
Stephen Amell and Katie CassidyReuters

Stephen Amell, who plays the titular rol on the CW's "Arrow," is celebrating his 35th birthday on Sunday, May 8. The star, however, dampened his fans' spirits ahead of his big day by revealing some unfortunate information regarding "Arrow."

As fans of "Arrow" know, Team Arrow just lost Laurel (Katie Cassidy) and the members along with fans are still grieving her. Much like Laurel's father Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne), the fans were also hoping there would be some way to bring the Black Canary back.

However, unfortunately, Amell crushed all those hopes during an interview with Larry King. According to Screen Crush, this is the conversation that went on between the duo:

Larry King: Any chance she'll [Black Canary] come back from the dead?
Stephen Amell: No.
Larry King: Simply no?
Stephen Amell: Simply no.

This is sure to crush the spirits of "Arrow" fans, but fear not, because we know Cassidy will play the Earth-2 version of Laurel in "The Flash." While this might not be a recurring or main character, at least we will get to see her in action again, albeit with the name Black Siren.

Amell also clarified that he knows what Laurel's last words are, but he will keep it a secret. "I do know what they [Laurel's last words] were, but it's going to remain a secret because much like Greg [Berlanti] says, 'We like to surprise the viewers,'" Amell told King.

They will probably be revealed to fans before the Season 4 finale "Schism," which will be aired on May 25. Amell describes the finale episode in three words: "Where'd everybody go?"

You can watch the whole conversation between Amell and King when The "Larry King Now" episode will be telecast on Friday, May 27.