Thailand braced for major spike in Dengue cases

After a year which saw an explosion of Dengue fever infections, Thailand is bracing itself for an even worse 2016 with experts warning the number of infections may be on par with the 1987 mega-outbreak. Thailand recorded some 140,000 cases of infection last year, with 126 deaths, the highest number since the 170,000 cases of the 1987 crisis. Jan 28, 2016

Apple support still strong in China despite revenue drop

Apple forecast its first revenue drop in 13 years on 27 January and reported the slowest-ever increase in iPhone shipments as the critical Chinese market showed signs of cooling down. Despite this, the company reported revenue of $18.37bn (£12.83, €16.91) from Greater China, accounting for 24.2% of total revenue. Revenue from the region nearly doubled in the fourth quarter. Avneesh Saxena, Vice President of DCI Asia/Pacific, said Apple had performed well in the current economic state, but that the company will have to continue to be innovative if they want to keep their edge. Jan 27, 2016