Japan takes step forward to protect environment

Niigata/ Yokohama, Dec 9 (ANI): Niigata Plain in Japan was affected by regular floods restricting farmers to produce harvests only once in three years. Having ill-drained land below sea level, it was in need of drainage facilities. Few decades ago, EBARA Corporation installed many drainage pumps, including Shinkawa-kako Drainage Pump Station, which is undergoing renovations after 40 years. The company has installed a big impeller which can drain 40000 liter water per second. The facility has 6 pumps which makes it one of the nation's largest pump stations. Today, the Niigata Plain is one of the most famous rice growing areas in Japan. Dec 9, 2014

Christians take out procession to mark Virgin Mary festival in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam, Dec 09 (ANI): Thousands of devotees gathered for a procession in Visakhapatnam to celebrate Feast of the Immaculate Conception. The festival holds great significance for Catholics. Feast of the Immaculate Conception marks the special way in which Virgin Mary herself was conceived. Catholics believe that Mary was made immune from sin at the moment of her conception. The Feast celebrates Mary's creation by normal biological means, however god acted upon her soul, keeping her immaculate at the time of her conception. Devotees took out a procession and walked to a chapel to celebrate of the festival, which also indicates that the countdown to Christmas has begun. Archbishop of Visakhapatnam, Mallavarapu Prakash, offered prayers in the morning at the cave on the hill. Dec 9, 2014

Issue not about Uber, rules must be followed by all: Association of Radio Taxis

New Delhi, Dec 09 (ANI): The Association of Radio Taxis on Tuesday said that after Uber is banned; all cabs must not be seen with the same perspective. President of Association of Radio Taxis, Kunal Lalani said that all procedures of ensuring safety in cabs are followed by the association. Meanwhile, Founder Member of the association, Rajiv Vij said that the rules and regulations laid by the state governments must be followed by all taxi organisations. Dec 9, 2014

PM's Srinagar rally was historical, Bullet is answered by ballot: PMO

New Delhi, Dec 09 (ANI): Minister of State in Prime Minister's Office, Dr Jitendra Singh, said on Tuesday that Prime Minister's rally in Srinagar was a historical event for the state of Jammu and Kashmir. He said that the people of Kashmir are answering bullet with ballot. He also said that there are questions being raised about chants of 'Modi Modi' going on during rally, but the government cannot take responsibility for that. Dec 9, 2014