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Actor-turned-politician Nandamuri Balakrishna has come under severe criticism after he thrashed a worker of the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) in public. Netizens have now condemned his bad behaviour.

Nandamuri Balakrishna has a crazy fan following and is often seen losing his cool in public. He has created headlines in national media and faced a lot of criticism for his short-tempered nature in the past. But the actor does not seem to have learned any lesson from those incidents as he continues to display his bad behaviour in public.

Balakrishna is contesting assembly elections from TDP in Hindupura constituency, Andhra Pradesh. He was campaigning at Cheepurupalli in Vizianagaram district on Sunday when he assaulted a TDP activist. According to the reports, the TDP leader lost his cool after the fan came too closer to a take selfie with him.

The video featuring Balakrishna assaulting the TDP worker hit the internet and created a lot of stir on the social media on Sunday. The actor-turned-politician faced a lot of criticism from all section of the people. Several took to Twitter to condemn his bad behaviour and said he should be taught a lesson, by defeating him in this assembly elections.

Sathya Raghu‏ @sathyafarmer

#Balakrishna needs to be taught a lesson. This is not the first time he raised hand on fans and party people. It is a shame to the people of #Hindupur and #TDP if he is voted back to power. Also, the party guy so beaten up should file a criminal complaint against this creature!

F-A-R-M-E-R????‏ @allams04

This is insane and ridiculous..he is suffering from different fobia..and he thinks that he is a star from another planet..gudhabalupu baga undi..yevadanna tirigi kodathadu yemo anni waiting veedini...#NandamuriBalakrishna

Reshmi A R‏ @Reshmi_AR

Disgusting! #AP voters must put an end to such rowdy politicians no end to #NandamuriBalakrishna Public abuse of fans @VSReddy_MP @Bharatt19 #ApNeedsYsJagan

Anwesh‏ @AnweshMandugula

Street dog ???? is better than this guy. Hope people will send him home atleast in this election. #Tdp #TDPLosing #balakrishna @JaiTDP

Zimmedar Bharath????????‏ @bharathbunny27

In a shooting case actor #Balakrishna was certified as mentally retarded by #NIMS doctor. How can a mentally retarded person be eligible to contest elections as per ppl rep act. Did he submit any mental stability certificate?? @gkd600 @VSReddy_MP

Sushanth Nallapareddy‏ @sushanthreddy

It's not funny anymore. They should throw him in jail. #Balakrishna Once again you proved, you do not know acting in public don't know why it happened but you should have acted with smile though he made you irritated ???? #Balayya #Balakrishna #TDP


Very Cheap Attitude From #NandamuriBalakrishna .. You are an MLA,not a Street Rowdy?? If you cannot control your attitude,Be at home. #Balakrishna #TDP #AndhraPradeshElection2019 #YSRCP #Janasena #ChandrababuNaidu

Sangamesh‏ @depuru3

It doesn't matter how much #ChandrababuNaidu sweat out for #TDPMission150 campaigning,as long as he continues #Balakrishna in #Election2019 race.If at all #TDPLosing then lion share of it is due to his behavior. Wake up Babu sack termite #Balakrishna else face consequences

moovybuff‏ @moovybuff

#Balakrishna appalling and a disgrace to #NTR and #TDP - a psycho! Let's not get him re-elected please, he got many chances to correct himself, he never cared to learn -unfit for PUBLIC office - period! #AndhraPradeshElection2019 #Andhra #YSRCP #Janasena #Telugu

Telugu360 @Telugu360

Irrespective of what happened there, it is absolutely NOT acceptable to attack anyone. If a person cannot exercise restraint, should seriously rethink decision to contest for a public office.

Shil‏ @SimplyShil

#TDP MLA candidate from #Hindupur constituency, #Nandamuri #Balakrishna, brother-in-law of AP CM #NaraChandrababuNaidu, is notorious for his reckless and rude behaviour and sexist comments. He should be disqualified