Birds-eye view: See the world from the eyes of an eagle-mounted camera

Video from a wildlife documentary production company captures the world as seen through the eyes of an eagle in flight. The video from Terra Mater Film Studios, was created by mounting a camera on an eagle, named Alexander the Great, as it flew through Kulm, Austria, the company said. The flight occurred during the Ski Flying World Championships held between 14-16 January, and the ramps and pavilions of the event can be seen below the bird before it lands. Jan 27, 2016

Brazil: Watch 40-inmate prison break after dramatic explosion

Dramatic footage has emerged showing the moment in which at least 40 inmates broke free from a Brazilian jail, following an explosion through an external wall on 23 January. The video, which was circulated by the Folha de Pernambuco newspaper, shows a man entering the compound shortly before an explosion, which sends inmates running and tumbling over the smoking wall, before many turn back. Two inmates are also depicted running away outside the compound. Jan 26, 2016