Tube wartime bunkers: A sneak-peek at what public tours will offer

Deep beneath the train lines in part of south London lies a warren of secret tunnels that were used as air-raid shelters for up to 8,000 people during World War II and will be opened to the public for guided tours, the Transport for London (TfL) said. Jan 18, 2016

270 dogs set new dog yoga world record in Hong Kong

A new world record for the biggest dog yoga class was made in Hong Kong on 17 January with 270 pairs of doggies and yogis practising for just over half an hour. Led by doga teacher, Suzette Ackerman, the participants massaged, twisted and stretched their furry friends in a series of poses. Ackerman said that in the fast-paced city doga was a great way to bond and relax with your pets. Jan 18, 2016