New Hampshire primary: Bernie Sanders victory ‘sends a message’

US Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders thanked his opponent Hillary Clinton during his victory speech after the New Hampshire primary on 9 February. Secretary Clinton called and was very gracious in her congratulations, I thank her for her call and I congratulate her and her supporters for the vigorous campaign they ran in New Hampshire, Sanders said. Feb 10, 2016

Bernie Sanders supporter faints at New Hampshire rally

A woman collapsed at a rally for US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on 8 February. The incident happened mid-way through his speech in Derry, New Hampshire, one day before the nations first primary contest. Feb 9, 2016

North Korea: Parade and fireworks celebrate rocket launch

North Koreans celebrated their controversial long-range rocket launch on 8 February with a vast parade and fireworks display. State-run television KRT showed video of thousands of Pyongyang citizens and soldiers along with high-ranking government officials attending the rally in the capital, the day after it launched a long-range rocket carrying what North Korea has called a satellite. Also broadcast by KRT was footage of North Koreans watching the about 10-minute-long fireworks display at Kim Il Sung square but their leader Kim Jong Un was not seen at the event. Feb 8, 2016
Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar speculates about new leader

Aung San Suu Kyi's party is said to be in talks with Myanmar's military to scrap a constitutional hurdle that is keeping her from becoming the next president. Feb 8, 2016