Move aside robots, Tesla bets on aluminium casting

Robots are not efficient enough for Tesla's new car factory in Germany, which plans to replace hundreds of them with giant aluminium casting machines to build simpler chassis parts, a person familiar with the matter told Reuters. Sep 8, 2020
Coronavirus vaccine

What you need to know about coronavirus right now

Germany agrees on way to ease lockdown Germany's federal government and 16 states have agreed shops and some sports can restart under certain conditions, schools will gradually open for all pupils. Here' what you need to know. May 6, 2020
Coronavirus in China

'Make China pay': US, UK, Germany, Israel, Australia seek payback

Five countries namely - the US, the UK, Germany, Israel and Australia are seeking compensations, detailed global investigation probes and full disclosure from China on Coronavirus emergence. They want to 'Make China Pay' for hiding critical information during early stages of the coronavirus outbreak in December and jeopardising the human health and economic future of millions today. Apr 24, 2020