Angela Merkel set to from new German government with SPD coalition

Angela Merkel looks set to continue in her role as German chancellor, some five months after elections in the country. Following weeks of talks between Merkels conservatives and the Social Democrats (SPD), reports from Berlin suggest that a deal to form a new German government have been reached at long last. Feb 7, 2018

Five countries Trump has insulted

President Trump allegedly named some Central American and African countries s**tholes in a government meeting.These arent however the first insulting remarks he has made about other nations. Jan 12, 2018

Pilot investigated after plane performs terrifying low fly-by at airport

A German aviation watchdog is scrutinising a fly-past by Air Berlin and amp;#39;s last long-haul flight to its hub in Duesseldorf, which German media said was the pilot and amp;#39;s unique way of saying goodbye to his passengers and the insolvent airline.The pilot of the flight from Miami on Oct. 16 pulled up the aircraft above the runway in Duesseldorf and made a low pass over the airport before coming around and landing. Oct 18, 2017