Denis Piszczek
Denis Piszczek

Hailing from Aachen, Germany, Denis experimented a lot with the genre of media that would cater to the taste of his niche market. While his journey started in Germany, but soon he became global.

Denis Piszczek with his page Faktglaublich is an example of how to seize every opportunity media throws at you. It is the 21st Century and we try to cling to everything that makes us happy, everything we can relate to. Memes would constitute a major chunk of that happiness. After all, there are some pros to the information overload the world is going through right now. We long for that moment when we scroll through the various social media handles to get over our daily drudgery. The meme culture started with the "Trolled, LOLOLOLOL, We got a badass over here" images. That marked the ignition of a culture, a culture that would engulf every age group, regardless of their taste in comedy. It is this broad market on which Denis set his eyes upon. He embarked on his journey back in 2011 with his page Faktglaublich. Back then, his goal was to create media content that would be accepted by the mass.

While the meme culture seems like an assured shot at success, setting foot in this empire isn't a child's play. Like any other business, this environment is dynamic. There is no assured shot at success and nobody can predict which media content will go "viral". Memes are a subset of social media and there are no patterns on consumer behaviour which focuses on how a media content shall be received.

Starting initially, Denis' Faktglaublich focused on understanding his audience, through closely observing what made people not only like and share his content but also come back as regular audience. Faktglaublich caters to every age bracket- be it some for the edgy teens, the matured adults and an emotional rollercoaster for the old.

Denis has left a mark on the meme culture and that was just the beginning. His business started with the sale of a book which has registered over 2000 buys today. He gets paid from Facebook for creating traffic. The combination of sold postings of brands (the pages are also being marketed by Denis), sponsored posts of smaller page owners and the monetization of videos by mid-roll ads ensures that Denis makes a luxurious living for himself. Largely, unknown Internet users who want to make it big use the opportunity just as brands do, approach Denis and he is the guru to provide the platform to these voices. Be it budding music creators, meme creators, designers, comedians who want the world to discover their talent, Video Trends has become a go-to place.

Denis proves that "Seize the day" is important but "Seize every opportunity" is more important.

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